Friday, January 26, 2007

The Road From Afar

I loved our meeting today. I'm really excited about ramping up our efforts, dreaming big, and then putting ourselves out there to see what the Lord has in store for us. Eric left me a message this afternoon stating that he'd like to see us to keep better track of the conversations we have leading up to the trip itself. I think this is an amazing idea because I believe it will help us to more clearly see the ways in which the Lord is shaping the planning of this trip.

So I started the Google Group and this Blog for that purpose; that we may be tightly connected and unified as we move forward. Feel free to discuss, post files, etc to the googlegroup page and record your thoughts and notes on conversations here on this blog.

God, Bless this electronic space and make it holy unto Your name and Your purposes for Under One Sky - the trip, the team, the countries, the audience, the bikes, the three guys who are going out on some serious limbs to reach for the dream and vision you have lifted up before them. Amen!